Thank you for viewing my blog site! In this webby world, where everything is already out in the public eye and everybody can get access to pretty much anything they could ever want, it is sometimes a scary and daunting idea for one to think about stepping into this world. What would I have to offer the world that apparently already seems to have everything? Well, that’s the thing, isn’t it? We are all different and our inputs are going to be equally as unique, which means that although we may cover the same topics each individual who writes about or reads about a topic is going to offer a different perspective and open up a new area to think about and discuss. This is just my area to express myself publicly (we all want to have our voices heard by the world in some way), and an area in which others may do the same and form a collective bond that helps allow this world to keep sticking together- even when gale winds strive to make us fall apart!

We are relentless and we will rise above the dark and bitterness!