Money: The double-edged knife!

Money. We love to have it so we can live “successfully” in this modern society of spend-spend-spend. To buy nice things, have nice places to live, or cars to drive it is something we all want (even those of us who fight not to give in to the urges). Although this may make me sound terribly hypocritical, I hate how much value our world places on materialistic desires. But I do like to spend money on things I want. And I do want a lot of things; I wish I didn’t, but alas I do. But in order to get the money we need to live to our own standards, high, medium or low we all have to either work our butts off so we can earn a cushy salary to be able to afford our lifestyle or marry for money, (not recommended but the option clearly is there), or (and here’s where the double edge comes in) we put ourselves into financial debt until we’re buried so deep we want to drown ourselves… but then we wouldn’t even be able to afford our own funeral causing someone else to have to front the bill… hopefully they aren’t in the same financial crisis we placed upon ourselves!

My problem is that although I value work and know that it’s important, and love earning money, I have trouble motivating myself to get myself out there. Has anyone else find themselves in this same conundrum?

I lost my job a few years back, and I don’t know if it was the massive hit to the ego, or my fear to trust an employer but I’ve feared being in the workforce ever since. I have struggled with severe depression and the inability to hold a job for a long period of time due to my insecurities, and low self-esteem. Sometimes I’ve had major difficulties with getting out of bed often sleeping until mid-afternoon. I’m working hard to pull myself up and out, but it’s hard for sure. When I think about the pressures we put ourselves under in order to function in this world a lot of our problems are due to money and it’s hold on us. If it wasn’t for the desire to make money and be “successful”, would we have all these disorders (ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, OCD, etc)?

What do you think? Please, I’d love to hear opinions from others! (If for no other reason than to prove  I’m not alone in this- or maybe that I am!)


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