So tired but too wired!

Since, nobody knows me around here, you may be surprised when you read the time stamp attached to this post; but let me let you in on a little secret… it ain’t a surprise – especially as of lately I’ve been having tremendous difficulties shutting down my brain at nights. I have so much on my mind; so many things I have to do in order to stay on schedule with putting plans into place for my oh-so-exciting future and trying to figure out how long each specific item on my list is going to take – is taking its toll on me. But, while it wears down my body until its ready to go to bed at a reasonable hour, my brain is not so pleasing. The moment my head hits  the pillow and I close my eyes, a light seems to turn on in my head, and all of a sudden I’m rifling through the infinite library of knowledge, creativity, inspiration, facts, myths, and whatever other topics I have stored away searching for the answers to so many questions.

I know I’m not the only one who goes through these inopportune moments, however long or short they may be. But do you ever wish you could just shut down, like we do our computers. They have so many settings, but one final one- Shut down it is such a nice sounding phrase. To be able to stop our processing for hours, and then wake up well rested, and ready and willing to take the world on one problem at a time, true the problems are still there from yesterday; but we have a whole nights’ sleep in between, to give us a brand new perspective than we had before!

Tell me how you cope with an over-active brain at night?


Well, wish me luck- am gonna try this sleep thing once more!



Here are a couple of books I found online, I have not read them yet myself, but as soon as I can find a book store in the next few days I will! I thought I’d post them on my site, if anyone is interested. Read them and share what you think! (If you found out about them on my site, and recommend either of them, or both of them, please share them and my site with other people you know, so that I can find out where there is need for products and I can do the research to bring the best to your inquiring minds.

If however; you’ve already read these books, have you tried any of the tips, and how did they turn out? I’d love to know! Please share with me!


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