Movie Review: Something Borrowed

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I know, I know! It came out in 2011 which makes it like a billion years old now; and it has a few areas where I think it could have been rewritten, or reorganized to make it so messy towards the end, but it is by far one of my favourite movies!

If my DVD player had a “view counter”like YouTube does, it would show a count of close to 100 as to how many times I have watched it. And even with the number of times seen, I still try to re-script the parts I don’t like, and smile like the cheshire cat in Alice in Wonderland every time the same happy scenes that I love like I’ve just seen it for the first time. And I think the reason is that I feel like it represents me.

If you are unfamiliar with the film, I will just give a brief synopsis of what it’s about. It is about a woman who is about to turn 30 and begins to doubt and second guess her decisions in her twenties. As a woman in that same predicament myself; it lures me into the plot effortlessly. Add to it the fact that it is set in the city of my dreams, New York; it features a tale of how the “underdog” or “person least likely to”  gains the victory over the girl who has it all – the dream job, the dream man, and the dream life. It helps remind me that I deserve to fight for those things too, and when faced with a tough choice, as long as I go with the route that is right for only me, and leads to my happiness, one way or another it’s worth toughening it out. Plus, the movie was cast perfectly; [Kate Hudson!!!] each character really held their own, but came together to produce a realistic as well as pleasantly entertaining story. I could relate to the main characters role, and could see my friends in the other supporting cast members, as well as feel the story spoke to me on a personal level.


I do not like how it was based upon a “cheating scandal” which pitted two best friends against each other, and involved another friend in a huge lie which would end up in trust being lost, and friendships being torn apart – but the truth is that it can sometimes happen, and it isn’t always something that can be helped. It was nice to see a movie where there was conflict but that by the end of the film it all scars over and everyone goes back to being all hunky-dory to wrap up the story. This movie shows brilliantly how sometimes the decisions you make, or allow to happen can have some times permanent consequences that you will have to live with – or without.

I give this movie a 9.5/10 on the exquisitely-entertained scale!

Click here for a delightful taste of sinful pleasure! Something Borrowed, based on the book by Emily Giffin. So beautiful it otta be a sin!


Let me know if you agree!


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