Educational Institution vs. Life Experience: Which is the Best teacher?

In an ever changing world, is “one way thinking” still the view of success? Do you have to do things perfectly the first time in order to be successful in the world? Or can you stray from the confines of normalcy and define your own version of what success is?

You’d think that in a world where we can find information on practically anything, we’d know a lot more about how to be successful on our own terms and that more value would be placed in that attainment of knowledge. Are institutions of education and training still the most sought out form of training? I sure hope not, because that is not where I thrive. I am too free spirited to be confined to one way of doing things, or for that matter to be confined to one room and one teacher. I am an experiential philosopher, which means I desire to get out in the world and ask a lot of questions from a lot of different people about A LOT of different topics. And it is only recently that I’m coming to realize this about myself. For instance, I have just spent the last 3 hours watching a documentary series titled “The Future of Fashion” lead by Emily Chung, which started out as a Google search about what it was like to work at Vogue New York, which redirected me to the British side of the pond and took me on a whole journey through the world of Fashion, both in front of and behind the scenes. I remember taking “Fashion Design” in my high school, and though I gained knowledge back then, I found myself more entertained and therefore having a stronger ability to focus my ADHD brain. A few days ago, I was researching Journalism and its many career paths and that was also interesting.

Maybe this has been my problem all along – and maybe the reason for why as I quickly approach my thirties I am still finding myself without a high school or college diploma. If there were a program that had a limitless scope of careers that all tied into one another, and took me to a whole new part of the world every month and introduced me to all sorts of people beyond my quiet, boring little world, I would be valued for my experiences in the world, rather than my ability to study and attain impeccable grades to impress the boss of my dream job.

As I have not found this type of course or career, it either does not exist, or does not have the proper portal into its world; and maybe it is up to me and a team to develop this type of avenue. So that people like myself, who’ve strayed from many paths, but desire a luxurious and happy successful life, may allow themselves to continue to believe that they have purpose and meaning in the world around them.

If you think as I do, and believe the world could benefit from this forum of thought, please help me, bring me options, bring me input, bring me collaborations and lets together work on empowering and enlightening the world that has begun to grow dark from their fading hope! We have so much to offer this world, each and every one of us. Let’s prove it!

Truly yours – J.J. the Writer of Change.


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