Bringing back the heart!

Good evening!

I’ve just spent the better part of my evening watching interviews on celebrities. From unknowns to the Queen of interviewing herself; Madame Oprah friggn’ Winfrey conducting interviews with celebrities coping with their public lives. As an aspiring journalist and interviewer myself [one of the items on my bucket list anyway], I want to get an idea of the interviewing style I want to deliver, so I’m taking notes as I watch. One of the things I see – and have seen many times while watching these interviews over the years – is that a lot of interviewers just want to get the dirty details, and seem to have trouble remembering that they are talking to real people with real feelings and emotions that need to be considered. As I sit and watch, I find myself cringing at the lack of sensitivity when some questions are being asked. I know as a journalist working for a paper or magazine, you’re under a lot of pressure to get down to the nitty gritty details and questions but it is also [in my opinion] the job of the interviewer to make your person of interest comfortable and remain humane. Some times – or most times rather – it is simply a matter of rewording or rephrasing a question or sentence, and the addition of your own compassion and empathetic voice.

In every job I have had, or will have in the future, you can be guaranteed of one thing, I make it one of my top priorities to address the people with whom I connect with respect, and with my heart. I am a people-pleaser and I strive to leave a warm, lasting impression with those I meet. At the end of my life, of all the things I wish to be remembered for; the hurdles I overcame, the family I created, and my ability to remain human whilst the world became over run by technology and developed a robotic way of existing. At the end of the day, people who live and breathe is what make this world miraculous, although the technology we’ve created certainly does have its advantages in some ways, [I mean look at how we can all be connected to one another so quickly as ever before] but I believe people still remain the world’s greatest strength – as long as we keep our hearts intact, and spread love and peace to every inch of this globe!


That is my wish!

Thanks for reading!



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