Realizing Dreams: It’s truly amazing!

Well, on Saturday I took the biggest step to achieving my dream job. I started an acting class with a renowned actor and his associates in Toronto. Acting is one of my top two desired jobs, second only to singer. I’ve wanted to be an entertainer for as long as I can remember, and now that I’ve dipped my big toe into the water, I’m ready to dive right in come hell or high water- my only regret is that I hadn’t figured it all out much sooner than now… but maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it nearly as much if it had come when it was easier.

It is quite remarkable, and not at ALL what you would  expect from just watching TV or movies. Actors do not by any means have a “work-less” job, we actually have more of a challenge, because the term “be yourself” doesn’t quite apply here. You have to use your imagination and reinvent yourself to be someone else completely. Not pretend, but BE. And although it seems really challenging, I am so up for it! My teacher seems to already see potential in me, and that feeling is like a chemical drug heightening my confidence that I am in fact making the right decisions for myself, and that my dream may indeed be meant for me to live.


Stay tuned, there is so much to life that I am about to discover, and it’s going to be an incredible journey that I am beyond ready for.


Nerves: How to deal?

Okay, so I’m kinda freaking out. I start an acting course in Toronto on Saturday morning, and I am so excited! (And SO nervous.) 
It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and I know I’m going to be good, but my training is going to be crucial to my success considering I haven’t made the proper preparations I should have been. Why not? You ask? Well, anytime I would tell somebody “I want to be an [actress/singer]”, I would meet such negative responses that I came to see my dream as an unreachable object on my shelf. I could see it in the picture, but couldn’t touch it. Whether it was my mom trying to be practical or realistic and keep me safe from the cruel world of criticism or the people around me who didn’t take me seriously most of the time, I was discouraged time and time again until I just figured it would never happen for me.

But then I woke up and realized how dumb I have been. Knowing where my heart truly belongs and letting other people try and tell me what’s best for me and what I can do. I want to sing and I want to act. No justification needed, these are just the careers in belong in. 

However because I took so long to figure out and go for my dreams it just means I have more work ahead of me than I did say in high school when I should have had the gonads to say F you to the people who didn’t believe and say “Actually, yes I can.” To the people who lovingly rerouted me in order to protect me. 

So my nerves are growing because I know this is finally my moment to shine. My biggest obstacle is going to be working through my memorizing of things. Lately I’ve allowed my mind to get lazy and have trouble with remembering. Time to build it back.
Wish me luck!!

Sheldon freaking out