Realizing Dreams: It’s truly amazing!

Well, on Saturday I took the biggest step to achieving my dream job. I started an acting class with a renowned actor and his associates in Toronto. Acting is one of my top two desired jobs, second only to singer. I’ve wanted to be an entertainer for as long as I can remember, and now that I’ve dipped my big toe into the water, I’m ready to dive right in come hell or high water- my only regret is that I hadn’t figured it all out much sooner than now… but maybe I wouldn’t have appreciated it nearly as much if it had come when it was easier.

It is quite remarkable, and not at ALL what you would  expect from just watching TV or movies. Actors do not by any means have a “work-less” job, we actually have more of a challenge, because the term “be yourself” doesn’t quite apply here. You have to use your imagination and reinvent yourself to be someone else completely. Not pretend, but BE. And although it seems really challenging, I am so up for it! My teacher seems to already see potential in me, and that feeling is like a chemical drug heightening my confidence that I am in fact making the right decisions for myself, and that my dream may indeed be meant for me to live.


Stay tuned, there is so much to life that I am about to discover, and it’s going to be an incredible journey that I am beyond ready for.


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