Welcome 2018!


It’s a new year and as I sit here watching Sex and the City reruns I felt like getting into my own Carrie Bradshaw state of mind and had a thought come into my head, why is it that when you’re sitting home alone, with no-one but you and your cats in your room do you get that “look-through-your-fingers” cringe of discomfort when something is shown on screen, like a love scene or in this case watching two characters watch a love scene? I instantly got this full body rush run through me and also instantly became aware of how silly that is. Was that the show writers’ intention? Or was that just my interpretation of the writing based on my own experiences in my own awkward life? Do you ever wonder why we feel the things we feel? Are feelings developed from life, or are we born feeling things like discomfort, embarrassment and shame? How do we break free of those chains and just let ourselves be free to feel what we want to feel and let go of the limitations?

With this new year comes a whole new world for me as I exit my 20’s and enter my 30’s, I am going to be allow myself to be the me I’ve always wanted, and make my 30’s and beyond the best and happiest of my life.

Happy 2018 everyone! 🙂



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