Capture the Flag — of Motivation

Is it just me, or do you ever find that you’re always playing a game of capture the flag — the flag being your motivation for getting things on your to-do list done? When I’m out driving around I am overcome with ideas and ambition for getting my chores caught up, like cleaning my apartment, or making phone calls that will boost my career and my life, or even making a fully home-cooked meal for myself, but, when I get home all of that drive and ambition flies out the window, and all I end up doing is curling up in my bed, or on the couch and watching TV or movies, or checking out my social media feeds and watch other people do the things I told myself I was going to do when I got home. Why is it that when you are not where the chores are, the motivation to complete your tasks is at full throttle, but when you are present with the chores, the ambition is so hard to keep a hold of – at least until the middle of the night when you’re lying in bed trying to get to sleep, but you’re kept awake thinking about the things you told yourself you would, but didn’t do and then it all flares back up, and you end up doing a couple of things on your list, getting less sleep than you intended just so you can feel you did something? Is it just laziness, or is it that when we are faced with the decisions that will better our lives and our homes we just get so overwhelmed that our nervous systems go haywire and fry out our energy?

If I could possess a superpower I would choose to have an endless sea of motivation that doesn’t die out. Don’t you? In this world where everyone including ourselves expects perfection and “big things” for and of us, are we putting too much pressure on the common tasks of everyday life?

Thoughts, opinions, advice?




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