Old World vs. New World- Yay or Nay?

Friday night, while everyone is celebrating the end of the first work week of 2018, I am sitting in my bed searching through the online movie catalogues to watch as I wind down for the night and as I scrolled through the endless sea of what to watch, my mind traveled back in time to when I was a little girl, and it was the weekend and the choices for movie watching were either to go to a theatre and watch the newest releases on the big screen with your parents, or friends and a big ol’ bag of the butteriest, greasiest popcorn and Raisinettes, or to beg your parents to take you to the local video rental store. For me, my best memories are walking into “Home Video” in my town, where when you walked in, was either a billiards table room on the left, or the land of movies on your right. You walk in, say “Hi!” to the man or woman behind the counter, and rush on past to graze among the millions of VHS tapes, to choose what would be your newest view… or 100,000th view because you just LOVED some of them you had to see them way more than once. I used to stand in there for what seemed like hours, just ogling the selection, and then making your choice, only to find that the little poker chip that was to be dangling on the hook with the coinciding number attached to the VHS box was not there, so you had to run back to the front and ask the cashier whether it had been returned yet. Sometimes, you’d be disappointed, and have to march back and start your search all over again, but other times, your luck would win out and it would be in the back in the dropbox bin and you’d go home feeling like it was your luckiest day. Yup, those were the days… the biggest bonus about going to the theatre or video store happened when you’d see your friends and fellow classmates, or friends of your parents’ or… an even bigger thrill would be when your crush walked in and your butterflies would flutter around in your tummy, and you’d take even longer to make your choice and wait until you saw them heading for the counter, so you’d just look, and grab the quickest watchable movie in your sight, just so you could hustle to the counter just to stand in line behind them and hope that they noticed you, and pray that they may even speak to you. Even just your name, or “Hi.”… We had it pretty good back then, and although technology has made things so much more convenient, I miss those special moments. The physical presence of going out and mingling with fellow movie watchers… you just don’t get that in the new world like you used to. Now, people all over have too much social anxiety and depression going on in their heads, that we’ve begun hiding in our private, safe little home-world instead of walking outside just to enjoy the simple things like going for walks, or out to coffee/drinks with friends, or even just going out to enjoy a nice dinner with a special someone, or someone you HOPE will turn out to be special. And as one of those people who’s become a hider, I really long for the old days where although I was shy, I was still able to go out and enjoy the simple pleasures we have almost all forgotten.  Maybe that is all it takes — just the memories of old to help remake our future so that the child in us, still exists. Out with the new, well — not all the way out, but make room for the old too, because without it we’d have nothing to remember what it takes to live.

Do yourself a favour, and go out and live like the old isn’t dead! 🙂




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