How do you deal with the dreaded WRITER’S BLOCK syndrome?

Whenever I sit down at my computer to write, I have so many thoughts and ideas swimming around in my brain that are desperately trying to escape all at once, it gets so overwhelming that I stare at a blank page for countless hours. It is so frustrating. Finally, when I get the nerve to try, a few sentences come out and then I sit back and analyze the crap out of it until I no longer like what I’ve written and then erase everything I just did.

I found a great video on YouTube trying to figure out a way of combatting this bad habit of mine. And one of the tips I came across was posted by FAST Screenplay, titled “Writer’s Block Instant Cure”. (Please note: As I do not fully understand YouTube’s copyright laws, I have not included the link on my page. If anyone reading this has any Legal information about this, please let me know in the comments- thanks!)

Getting back to the helpful information I found while watching the aforementioned video. In it, the speaker says that what actually creates writer’s block is the fear of perfection. When we sit down to write, we are afraid that what we read on the screen isn’t going to look as good as it did in your head, and that when we don’t see it perfectly displayed on the screen we see our efforts as pointless and then begin to bash our ideas and we give up rather than sticking it out and enjoying the entire writing process. He talks about how just sitting down and rather than fearing that what you’re writing is garbage; instead give yourself permission to write the garbage anyway. This way you’ll be able to work through it and escape the fear; I am paraphrasing slightly, but this is my interpretation of the information I learned. For more information, I encourage you to watch the entire video where the speaker explains a 4-Step process to beat the writer’s block syndrome.


If you found this information helpful, or have any other tips and tricks for escaping the writer’s blockade please feel free to leave a comment!

Thank you, fellow writers! Write on!




Writer's Block



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