⬆STRONG WOMEN⬇weak men… Something’s wrong here…🤔

I am 💯% in favour of women empowerment. As a woman, I strongly agree that we need to stand up, hold our heads high and raise our voices loud and clear so that we are heard and understood. And, I also agree that we have been under the influence of a male-dominated society.

Come On, I grew up in the 90s! Spice Girls’ catchphrase “Girl Power!” was not just a phrase to me, but a way of life!

But, in our attempts to building the empowerment for women, have we gone too far? I’m really afraid that we are dangerously close to it.

I know I am likely to get a lot of flack for saying this, but I’ve kept quiet for so long now; my tongue is raw from how many times a day it gets bitten… but I can’t sit by any longer and shut up.

See, we were on to something when we started fighting for our rights as women. Voting, working outside the home, getting into sports and slowly working our way up the ranks into management positions and yes, having to put up with all the archaic men who believed that women were there to bear children and run the household. Those men were complete A-holes and that way of thought globally needs to be altered.

But more and more I am seeing a scary trend developing to the point where I; as a strong, developing woman, begin to feel like a traitor because while I should be rooting for “my team” aka women, I’m having a stronger tendency to lean towards feeling sorry for the men, (the ones who were raised to respect women [as well as other living beings] and are trying to be good human beings).

I heard or read somewhere the other day about a case where a man tried to hold the door for a string of people walking into a store, the first of whom just happened to be a woman with her hands full. His intentions were to be polite and helpful, but she glared at him and barked that she was perfectly capable of doing it herself and how he rude he was for belittling her. The rest of the people graciously accepted his generosity and thanked him. But that one girl in that situation made him hesitate the next time he offered to hold the door for a woman.

Ladies, listen! I know we want to be given more credit for who we are and what we can accomplish! We are amazing, powerful creatures! But, we can’t keep complaining that there are no more decent men out there to fall in love with, get married to and have children within one breath, and then turn around and freak out on them when they act gentlemanly, by holding doors or buying you dinner.

To Me, this has become a double-edged sword. What started out as a positive gain for women, I believe has turned into a huge, ugly turn of events in our repertoire. We should be trying for me equality with men, teaching them that we want to work alongside them, and do things that they can do, too!

Let’s not have to go through another 100 years + of gender dominance, before we can find a level ground; one with mutual respect, understanding and appreciation for what the other brings to the table (dinner or board) -no pun intended, (but perfectly executed 😉😁).

Please, let’s find more common ground because, for one, I believe this will benefit the world more on s global scale, and two, well, I am still on the hunt for a gentleman who will whisk me off my feet one day, whom I will love and be loved by.

I still value respect, manners, morals – as Well as good looks, nice body, smart and brilliantly witty sense of humour!

If you agree, please share your support by spreading this post wherever you feel it should go! I think the more people who get on board, the better society will be!


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