Welcome 2018!

It’s a new year and as I sit here watching Sex and the City reruns I felt like getting into my own Carrie Bradshaw state of mind and had a thought come into my head, why is it that when you’re sitting home alone, with no-one but you and your cats in your room do … More Welcome 2018!

7 Ways to Success (2 min read)

A good read to remind ourselves to keep going up and on! 🙂 Millionaire's Digest Written by Millionaire’s Digest Team Member: T.D. Founder & Owner of: Storyspiller Blog Millionaire’s Digest Team, Contributor, Art, Blogging, Books, Fashion & Style, Food & Drink, Stories, Successful Living, Travel and Writing Writer Why am I not successful? Everyday, everyone thinks or asks … More 7 Ways to Success (2 min read)


I’m in the final year of my twenties and I’ve experienced the heartbreak of my lifetime.  This time it was not expected. We weren’t defined as a couple, but we loved just as deeply as any couple could have. Sure, we had our rough days but for the most we were a great team. Best … More Heartbreak. 

My Apologies!

I haven’t been very good at keeping my site or social media up to date have I? 😔 Well tomorrow I’m going to be posting and uploading a vid on YouTube, so please be patient and I’ll be with you shortly! Talk tomorrow! I’m really excited to share what I’ve been up to, and some … More My Apologies!